The struggle of Math


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It has been a while. Apologies for my disappearance but the evil math has been slaying my ass. Not because of the difficulty level or the shitty professor I was dealt but because I have been lazy. (my fault, my fault) However, I have found a way to save my ass and my GPA. There are series of books called “demystified” I got my hand on the “Calculus Demystified” by Rhonda Huettenmueller and I have been fine with math. SO my tip for today, this week, or this month, depending on whenever I think of more tips. Whatever classes you’re having issues with, get this self-teaching guide and learn that shit. It works. 

Thanks for reading xx


They put my homework where??!!!


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By now if you’re enrolled for the fall semester of college or university, you have had your first day, first week, decided to give up, cried in the shower and decided to stick it out for another 15 weeks. At least I hope that wasn’t just me. And the dreaded drama of access codes and online homework has reared it’s ugly head again and they put your homework where?.. ONLINE.


Now I love the convenience of not having to use pen and paper and hurt my money making wrist doing homework. But I can find at least 5 million websites to go on before doing my homework and that is not an exaggeration. So what do I do to ensure my homework gets done and I don’t get distracted by Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, reddit, Youtube, etc. etc?

The most recommended is which blocks sites at specific intervals for a period of time and is extremely difficult to remove. I don’t use that because even though I am doing homework, I still need my harmless distractions. What I do is try to do the homework for a period of time using the timer on my phone and when the alarm blares I set another alarm for my 10 minute break. It gives me self-control and discipline and in the end I get to do my homework while enjoying it.

So try that see what happens.


What to wear, what to wear!


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So now that school has started a big issue for college students is what to wear. How can I dress to impress? Can i wear shorts? (ok I am pretty sure no one asks that but you catch my drift). In college, you can wear whatever the (insert F-bomb) you want. There are no rules. However, you want to dress respectable so you don’t distract your professor and fellow classmates. And if you do want to dress like a bum in your pajamas and sweats go right ahead.

No one in college should be lurking and watching as if they are the fashion police, and if there are students like that they are usually failing everything and no one cares about them. There are fashionable students who take the time out to dress up and they look great and that’s good for them. And then there are students who just have less time for that and dress down for class. Oh wells. We are adults and we can do what we want. 

There are no rules, wear what is comfy and don’t worry about clothes.

It has begun


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For many of us, tomorrow will be our first day of classes. If not tomorrow, then sometime this week. And if not sometime this week, sometime in September. Either way this post is about the first day of classes.

Now the night before class we may not be able to sleep, either because we’re anxious or because we adapted to another time zone on the other side of the planet while we were on Summer Break because of Tumblr or Reddit. This probably can’t be avoided. I have yet to find a way. People say has helped them. This calculator calculates (haha) what time you should go to bed so you can wake up a certain time without feeling exhausted. I will probably try it tonight see if that will work.

Another thing is you should get your bag ready from tonight. Pencils, pens, calculators, books you name it. Which if you are like me is already done. Keep your schedule close so you know where to find your classes.

AND EAT BREAKFAST. I used to skip breakfast and rush to my 8am classes and halfway through the class I would be so hungry and dying that I ignore most of the material. Eat something before you head out it makes you concentrate more, it makes you live longer and it helps your memory. DO IT!

That’s all I have for now. Wish you all the best with this semester. We’re all in this together, wildcats! (high school musical reference)

Still Bored?


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So the summer is dwindling down and hopefully you guys have been having a blast, unlike myself. :/ However, for the bored homebody, houserats, tumblr addicts, etc. What in the world can we do? Well it is almost time for school and if you guys have gotten your textbooks already especially if they’re new…. you’re kinda staring at them and sniffing them (maybe that’s just me). But if you are bored you can read a chapter or two of your textbooks just to see what the class is like and to get yourself enthused for classes. We’re usually excited for the first two weeks… so take advantage of that and learn as much as you can it’ll come in handy.


Textbook & School Supplies Shopping!!! WOOOO


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Hello fellow people actually reading this. Here is some more tips on how to make sure you have a lazy college life but still be successful.

We all love shopping (girls) and we all love shopping for school supplies, even if we never use the supplies, never try to use the supplies, lose the supplies the first day of class. Whatever, we  love shopping for it. And that is what I am gonna tell you to do. Start shopping for your school supplies now. Backpacks, pencils, pens, folders, those organizers that we use for the first 2 weeks then just stop using because really who the hell still organizes their homework? (if you do kudos, don’t put a bounty on my head). If you are going to be heading away from home to live on campus, buy your dorm equipment. You know the stuff you need. I hope. Image

As for textbooks, I always recommend buying them early as the bookstore rush during the school semester is too much. Buy them early and if your professors don’t want you to have that textbook, simply return it.

Plans for Summer


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Summer is hot and… boring, at least on my end. SO I need ideas. Here are a few I’ve gotten so far. Share your summer ideas in the comments so we can all have fun.

  1.  Go to beach
  2.  Make a Summer reading list
  3.  Start a blog
  4.  Study for Fall Semester
  5.  Learn a language
  6.  Have a picnic with a lover
  7.  Don’t have a lover? Have a picnic with friends
  8.  Go on a road trip
  9.  Learn to swim
  10.  Make a summer Instagram
  11.  Stay inside and blog on Tumblr
  12.  Learn new recipes
  13.  Have a BBQ
  14.  Enjoy the tax free weekend to get back to school items.

Those are all I have. Have at it to use these to enjoy the rest of Summer and share what you have been doing.


First Thing’s First


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Now that we have established what this blog will be about, let me share my first pro-tip. REGISTER EARLY FOR CLASSES. I personally register for classes the first day I can so I can get first preference for my classes and the best professors, using the college student’s favorite . I have seen too many students wait until the last minute and end up with the classes and professors no one wants to take, at the worst times of the day and even miss out on getting the classes they need. 


I, at one point registered late and I did end up with a not so ideal professor, but I did survive the class with an A, but it would be so much easier had I not procrastinated.

So what did we learn today? REGISTER EARLY and look at the reviews for the professors. It’s a start for a successful semester.

Thanks for reading. 

New Name, New Theme, New Blog


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This blog is now called The Lazy College Student’s Survival Guide, which is a change from the previous name fobinmiami. This blog is about how I survived college with a high GPA without losing sleep, or a life. I decided to record my pro-tips, because people always ask me, how I do it, and I can never give an answer. But now the world of college/university students can have my silly tips to help and/or live by. This will be fun. Let’s go.